Privacy Policy

GMCOM Privacy Policy

GMCOM Corp. (“the Company” hereinafter) comply with Personal Information Protection Act and value users’ information as important. To protect the personal information of data subjects and handle related problems accordingly, we establish and disclose the following privacy policy.

Article 1. (Purpose of use in Personal Information, Use of Personal Information, Method of Collecting Information, Period of Retention)
① This website is for everyone to use This website is open to everyone – Users are not required to join the membership. Individuals are not required to join a membership / Membership is not required.
However, we collect personal information in some ways, if asked for business agreement or the use of lists for recruit. In general, note that processed personal information is not used for any other purposes. If the purposes of use of personal information are changed, pursuant to Personal Information Protection Act 18, all required measures including separate consent will be taken.
▶ Method of collecting personal information
1. Ask a question on GMCOM’s website
- Use of information : Requested documents under the business agreement, customer service, notification of result
- Personal information collected: Name, e-mail address, phone number, relevant inquiries.
- Period of retention : Until the purpose of collection is achieved.
2. Recruit
- Use of Information : Receive Job Application, Proceed, and Notification of Result
- Items to be collected (Required) : Name, e-mail address, contact number.
Items to be collected (Optional) : Date of birth, photo, special employment scheme and any other information deemed necessary by the company, i.e. Completion of military service, veteran status, disability status, eligibility to receive employment assistance, language ability (name of test taken, level, date of scores earned), academic background (name of school, years of school attended, major, department, school project), qualifications (name of qualification, issuer, date of earned certification), education training (name of course, institution, period), prize awarded (award history, awarding body, date awarded), volunteers and activities, portfolio, and, extra documents attached (application form by registering their resume)
- Period of retention : Retain for two (2) years from first acquired (For the purpose of offering jobs, if the same position is available)
② The Company retains personal information until the purpose of its collection and use is achieved.
③ Method of collecting personal information
The company collects personal information as follows :
- Through website, e-mail, and consignment corporations

Article 2. (Destruction of Personal Information)
① The Company destroys your personal information as follows without delay when the period of retention is over and when the purpose of its collection and use is achieved.
② Although the period of retention of personal information, to which is consented by the information principal, has expired, or the purpose of processing has been achieved, the personal information shall be moved to a separate database (DB) and stored in a different location, if required to be retained by laws.
③ The destruction of process and method is as follows:
1. Process of destruction
The Company selects the personal information that has to be destroyed and gets the approval from Personal Information Protection Chief for document destruction.
2. Destruction method
The Company deletes personal information stored in the form of an electric file by using a technological software program such as Freeraser. The Company shred all paper documents and personal information using a paper shredder or incinerate them.

Article 3. (Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties)
① The Company only use or provide your information stipulated in Article 1 (The Use of Personal Information) the Personal Information Protection Act Clause 17

Article 4. (Commissioning of Personal Information)
① To provide proper Service, The Company commissions external professional agents to process personal information as follows.
1. Telemarketing operation
- A Consignee: New People Works /GMCOM / GMCOMM (GMCOM Subsidiary).
- Commissioned assignment: Answering the phone, information on events and their giveaways, etc.
2. Event promotion operation
- Consigned Companies (assignees): Jella Blue Korea / Donga Science
- Consigned work scopes and contents: Online event of Samsung Innovation Museum, Delivery works for the online training participants (Souvenirs and educational supplies packaging, parcel sending, receiving checking and destruction confirm letter submitting)
② When making an consignment outsourcing contract, the Company will stipulate matters regarding responsibility, including prevention of the use of personal information processing for purposes other than the execution of consignment tasks, restriction of re-consignment, management / supervision of consignee and compensation for damages, in documents including contract and is regulating whether all personal information is safely handled by the consignee, pursuant to Article 25 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
③ If the commissioned task or Consignee (Subcontractor) is changed, the Company will disclose the changes in this Privacy Policy.

Article 5. (Right of Users / Duty and Exercise)
① Users have the following rights to protect personal information and can exercise any of them at any time personally or through their legal representative.
1. Requesting access to personal information
2. Requesting corrections of errors
3. Requesting deletion
4. Requesting stop processing personal information
② For exercising any of the rights pursuant to Clause ① above, post, e-mail, or fax can be used, and the Company will process the request without delay.
③ If users request the correction or deletion of your personal information, the Company will not use or provide the personal information until the requested correction or deletion is completed.
④ Pursuant to Clause ① above, users can exercise the rights through their legal representative or delegate. In this case, they should submit power of attorney in the format of Form 11 under the Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act.
⑤ The user must not violate any relevant laws including but not limited to the Personal Information Protection Act, which would result in the infringement on the privacy or personal information of the individual or another individual.

Article 6. (Measures for ensuring the security of personal information)
The Company takes administrative, technological, and physical measures required for ensuring the security of personal information.
1. Management: Establishing internal management plan, implementation, regular employees’ education, etc.
2. Technical method: Managing of access to personal information operating system, installation of access control system, encryption of personal information, installation of security software program.
3. Physical method: Controlling the access to the library of documents.

Article 7. (Chief Privacy Officer)
① The Company appoints a Chief Privacy Officer who is in charge of personal information handling, handling users’ complaints regarding their personal information, and remedying the damage.
▶ Chief Privacy Officer
Name : Joung-Il Shin
Position: President
Phone : 82-2-512-9579
Fax : 82-2-335-3913
▶ Department in charge of personal information
Department : Management Support
In charge of : Jung-Ae Shin Director
Phone : 82-2-512-9579
Fax : 82-2-335-3913
② Information principals may direct all inquiries, complaints and requests for damages related to personal information protection in using the Company’s service to the Chief Privacy Officer and department in charge. The Company will provide prompt and sufficient answers to your inquiries.

Article 8. (Request to Access Personal Information)
Pursuant to Article 35, you may request for personal information to the department below. The Company will immediately take actions for your requests of personal information.
▶ Process / Handle requests of Personal Information
Department : Management Support
In charge of: Noh Soo-Jin Manager
Phone : 02-512-9579
Fax : 02-335-3913
E-mail :

Article 9. (The relief of damages in case of personal information infringement)
Users may contact the following agencies to request or inquire about counseling on the relief of damages in case of personal information infringement. The following agencies are independent from the company. Users should contact the Company if they are not satisfied with the way the company handles their complaints or the result of relief actions, or need help or more detailed information.
▶ Personal Information Infringement Report Center (operated by Korea Internet & Security Agency)
- Functions: Personal Information Infringement Report Center and requests for consultation
- Website :
- Phone : (No area code) 118
▶ Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (Operated by Korea Internet & Security Agency)
- Functions : Accept requests for mediation of disputes related to personal information or collective disputes (civil settlement)
- Website :
- Phone : (No area code) 118
▶ Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, Cybercrime Investigation Division : 82-2-3480-3571 (
▶ National Policy Agency, Cyber Terror Response Center : (No area code) 182 (

Article 10. (Installation, Operation, and Refusal of Automatic Personal Information Collector)
The Company operates ‘cookies’ to support the use of website and relevant services. Cookie is a small text file that is transmitted to your web browser from the server operating the Company’s website and is stored on your computer’s hard disk. You can refuse to save any cookies, but, note that you may be unable to access the Service.
▶ An Example of Setting Cookies
1. For Internet Explorer : Web Browser Tool Menu > Internet Option> Personal Information > Setting
2. For Chrome : Web Browser Setting Menu > Advanced Settings option at the bottom of screen> Click Site Settings Cookies > Cookie

Article 11. (Video surveillance system policies and procedures installation, operation)
① The Company operates video surveillance system as follows :
1. The purpose of installing video surveillance cameras: GMCOM facility safety / prevention of fire / prevention of crime.
2. The number of surveillance cameras installed, their location, and areas of video monitoring: A total of 32 monitored cameras installed around the building, including GMCOM building lobby / entrance of each floor / parking lot.
3. Chief Privacy Officer, department, and the person authorized to access the information obtained through recording: Management Support Team,
4. Video monitoring, period of retention, placement of video equipment, and the ways to proceed
- Video recording: 24-hour security monitoring
- Period of retention: 30 days from the date of video shooting
- Placement of video equipment and the ways to proceed: Encrypt and store in video surveillance system of Management Support Team
5. Checking recorded footage and the place: Ask Chief Privacy Manager
6. Measures for information requests such as viewing video footage : Allows viewing only when the information subject himself/herself is photographed or when it is obviously necessary for the life/physical/ property interests of the subject. Ways for users to request to access video footage: When requested by users who are allowed to check the video footage, only if video features users themselves or it is necessary for users’ lives/physical/physicalphysical/property.
7. Technical / Administrative / Physical method for video privacy protection: Establishment of internal management plan, restriction of access rights, secured storage of video information/application of transmission technology, establishment of storage facilities and archiving, encryption setting, etc.

Article 12. The Change of Personal Information processing policy
① This Privacy Policy is enacted since April 01. 2022.
② Previous Privacy Policy is available in the Company.